Irina bio

All my life I was looking for the meaning of my life, my life’s purpose.  Fortunately, I was introduced to hand analysis (different then palmistry) and that changed my life.  For within that, I am able to tell others their meaning of life, and their life’s purpose. I was brought up in a very conservative family.  I graduated from Fordham University with chemistry major, and worked on my Ph.D. in biophysics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  My education was based on solid scientifically approach to problems.  After my schooling, I then worked in the finance industry.  I had no idea that hand reading would change my life. It all started by taking my daughters to analyze their hands in order to identify their career paths. They were about to graduate high school, and were indecisive about what they wanted to do in life, and who they wanted to become.  I became inspired after the session, because I learned more than I had previously known about my kids and I.  Deep down in my heart, I knew I had to learn it all. We since have become aware of who we are, understanding each other and connecting in ways I had never thought possible before.  I could see a huge transformation in myself and could not stop thinking in awe about the power of hands. I began buying books from the 1800's, taking classes all over the world to learn, learn and learn. I became more aware, more lively, more thankful and more alert to what I wanted in my life. I analyzed hands for my friends, relatives, and kids’ friends.  I was shocked how accurate my readings were, and how I could really make a difference in peoples' lives. It has proven to be the most rewarding experience of my life.  I knew I would never be able to give away this feeling.  This feeling of radiant happiness.