Private Hand Analysis Consultation


hand analysis consultation

During hand analysis sessions, I can see immediate
transformations in my clients’ outlooks on their lives. Some of their
uncertainties are resolved. Throughout the session, they are
presented with solutions based on several factors: their unique
fingerprint patterns, the lines and marks on their hands, the shape of
their hands and fingers, along with their proportions. I want to focus
on the importance of fingerprint patterns, as they are the basis for
identifying our life purpose and schools.
We receive our unique fingerprint patterns at conception. They
remain unaltered five months prior to birth, and stay that way for life.
The lines on each hand, however, are closely linked to brain activity
and they do change. For example, a person who becomes paralyzed will lose most of the lines on the affected hand or hands five to six months after the accident. In cases when brain signals and functioning reappear, the lines on the hand are recreated. The hand represents our personal psychology, logic and emotional patterns.
Fingerprints present us with information about our life school, lifepurpose and life lesson.

Private Hand Analysis Party

hand analysis party


Hand Analysis is a thrilling experience that your friends and family won’t forget! It's an opportunity to give a real gift to each person who attends. Each person will get at least 15 min of my time, touching the most important information about your life purpose, lesson and school as well as unique characteristics and gifts. My readings are helpful, inspirational, insightful and pertinent. 


Hand Analysis Classes

hand analysis class

FINGERPRINTS - Fingerprints appear on your hands 5 months prior to when you were born. They reveal your life purpose, lesson(s) and school.

HAND SHAPES - Hand shape is the ultimate personality assessment tool. It helps you to narrow down your life purpose. It assist's you to know yourself and how you’re wired, so that you can increase your effectiveness and create the outcomes you want in life.

FINGERS - Each of the fingers can be used to represent a different stage in the process. Whichever finger is built best, that corresponding aspect of the process is the strength, and conversely, fingers built poorly (bent, twisted, crooked, poorly placed, unbalanced, etc.) represent zones of difficulty.

LINES - The lines in the palm determine basic wiring: the type of emotional system you have, the kind of thinking you possess, which nervous system type you are. They reveal underlying motivations, talents and capabilities