Marlene Dietrich


Fiery character with a lot of ambition. Great communication skills with a lot of creativity. Super responsible person with attention to details. Having a phoenix star she was able to transform her life and with an Apollo star she was able to become an extremely successful actress. It was not easy for her to be dedicated to long projects, but she relentlessly pursued new and fresh excitements. Her heart line stops well before her Saturn finger, making her a very private person. Her head line has a Persephony character (Queen of the underworld) which made her feelings and understandings  uniquely rich and allowed her to connect on a subconscious level with the feelings of others.

Albert Einstein

Life Purpose - Famous, Successful leader and Mentor
Life Lesson - People don't listen to me.
Life School - Providing service to people
Life Formula to succeed - Believe in the value of what you want to say and find your true Service.

Some personal characteristics of Albert Einstein revealed by :  Thinking process is very analytical and structural. Independent mind. Super Smart, Sharp, Clever and Curious. Determined man who can connects the dots, break the code and open the mysteries of the world.

Louise Brooks

Her hand shows few issues that she was suppose to face in life which might have affected her life very deeply.  If she was given the choice between her career and feelings, her feelings would have taken over and she would have faced the challenge of getting her career back. She could not  understand clearly the priorities in her life and therefore it was difficult for her to achieve fulfillment in her personal and professional life. 


Thomas Mann

Life Purpose -  Successful and Famous Leader, who inspires people.

LIfe School - Provide service for people

Highly compassionate and empathetic to the needs of others, seeks to bring peace, health, and integrity to his companions and to society at large. Wants to solve the problems that trouble others and to resolve any conflicts.