Scientific Hand Analysis is not like palmistry


It will not predict your future, but instead give you the necessary tools for you to purposely create all that has yet to come.  Imagine seeing in full the blueprint of your life.  A private consultation offers this raw look into your inner workings.  Essentially Hand Analysis is a system to decode DNA, where fingerprints are the land yet to be mapped out.  In the session your strengths will be embellished and your flaws revealed.  Primary characteristics are laid out in the fingerprints, while the hands’ lines, fingers and shape signify mental, physical and emotional patterns (background traits).  At times these two (primary and background traits) are in parallel and aid each other to help us.  Perhaps the opposite can happen spurring inner conflict.  No matter the case, by the end of the session there will be considerably less gray areas about yourself and no misconceptions.  With your inscribed framework at your disposal, problems that normally arise would turn trivial.  Everybody knows that life is not seamless, but knowledge of self allows for the cracks to be smoothed over. 


Your fingerprints are the blueprint of your soul


Derived from the age-gold-old art of palmistry, hand analysis is the modernization of that craft specifically unique to each individual. Palmistry foretold the future solely based on the analyzing the lines embedded in your palm. Hand analysis hits home on a more personal level by showing you the person you currently are while simultaneously pinpointing the abilities within you to be a better person in the future. The hand analyst simply does this by examining the total shape of your palm and fingers to calculate basic character; the thumb to determine your ability to “get things under your thumb,” and the twelve zones of the fingers to see the individualism of your character along with their positive and negative attributes. The examination of lines in the palm reveal how a person hardwired: your emotional composition, the kind of software you inhabit, which nervous system type you are, and more. Skills and deep rooted motivations are revealed. The shape of your hand and the lines can be change over time, but your unique fingerprints remain unaltered. The comparison between the original imprint in your fingerprints with the eclectic blueprint of your personality and character shown in the geographical regions of your hand, a hand reading gives insight on your current life position in order to guide you towards the destination you want and have in you to achieve.


Life Coaching compliments Hand Analysis


Combining hand reading with the skill of a certified life coach provides the unique chance to address deficiencies and weaknesses in one’s psychological patterns. Hand reading identifies glitches –weak spots in the “software”, while coaching presents an opportunity for deep self-analysis that brings focus, accountability and tangible results by addressing those glitches.                                               In order to amplify the overall value of the process, along with hand reading and coaching we also bring Mantra Meditation.  This technique is a simple yet powerful method assisting in overall wellness. Mantra Meditation has been recognized by major Fortune 500 companies who use Mantra Meditation techniques to improve productivity in their employees. Integrated together, these modalities have the potential to help you find the meaning of life and offer definitive results.